The International Academy, which fosters integration and interactive exchange between students worldwide from various disciplines, will deliver exciting teachings in the French language and culture. Classes will take place in the state-of-the-art building of graduate school Sciences Po Lille, perfectly located in downtown Lille, offering you a great occasion for a full immersion into the life of a vibrant summer campus!


Both the UniLaSalle Department of International Relations (in Beauvais) and the International Academy (in Lille), together with the COPAIN association, will organise valuable site visits of historic and natural interest on a regional, national and euroregional scale, along with festive events.





Want to learn French? Feel like discovering the French society and culture? Always dreamed of visiting historical and natural sites in France? Food & Health 2020 will give you that opportunity, leading to a full access to the French-speaking world.


Half of the schedule will be devoted to the 64-hour linguistic, social and cultural programme delivered in English. When appropriate, you will be mixed with fellow students from other France Excellence Summer Schools.







Experienced higher education advisors, teachers, lecturers, professionals will offer their competence in the following domains:


1. French for Foreigners & Assessment (20h). Getting to the next language level (when applicable, homogeneous groups will be formed). General written and spoken French. You will learn how to interact through appropriate and various activities in connection with daily life. A final assessment of the knowledge and skills acquired in French language during the session will close your training.


2. French Culture (6h). Getting introduced to the French civilisation to gain a richer perspective on its numerous aspects and make the best of your short stay while studying in France. In the framework of interactive workshops, you will be given cultural keys together with a little and prominent historic facts connected with the cultural visits.





You will be taken out of the teaching premises to visit emblematic sites in France, Flanders and the Hauts-de-France (Northern France region). The latter is typified by its maritime and Flemish borders, agrarian economy, ancient trade fairs tradition, former textile and mine industries steeped in the Catholic values of its captains and vivid memory of wounds inflicted by two world wars. France’s youngest region is now renowned for its competitiveness, dynamic cultural and social life, and a unique mix of Flemish cheerfulness and French elegance.


1. Gothic Beauvais: Visit of a typical French site in Picardy that is world-famous for its historical and architectural value (Saturday July 4th).


2. Excursion to the Opal Coast: Visit of the spectacular two Northern Capes Site from which one can see the British coast; visit of Arc International, pioneer in the glass-making history since 1825 (Saturday July 11th).


3. Ch’ti Evening in the Flanders Hills: Dinner in a traditional restaurant and introduction to the Ch'ti linguistic and cultural specificity (Saturday July 11th).


4. Old Lille & Fortifications: Guided tour of streets, squares and monuments of the old town and its beautiful ancient Flemish architecture, as well as the pentagonal Citadel of the city wall of Lille (Sunday July 12th).


5. Celebration of the Bastille Day: Sightseeing of the great fireworks, preceded by a popular open-air ball in Lille Metropolis on the eve of the French National Day (Monday July 13th).


6. Bruges, “the Venice of the North” (Belgium): Free time in the charming old Flemish city, world famous for its beautiful canals, the splendour of its medieval architectural heritage and its masterpieces of Flemish primitive art (Tuesday July 14th).


7. Royal Versailles: Visit of the monumental Palace of Versailles, once a royal residence and one of the greatest achievements in French 17th century art with its world-famous Hall of Mirrors, jewel-like Royal Opera and the gardens à la française (Saturday July 18th).





On the first day, you will be welcomed by the Food & Health 2020 team and receive detailed information about the Summer School. An official reception at the Hauts-de-France Regional Council headquarters in Lille will be an institutional climax. Last but not least, a festive closing ceremony will crown your pre-PhD France Excellence Summer School.



NB: Minor modifications may occur in the programme.





Want to prolong your stay in North-West Europe? Willing to take another step into the French language and culture? Keen on discovering more sights? You will have the opportunity to participate, partly at your expense, in the Academy.120 programme (29th July - 26th August 2020) organised in Lille by the International Academy.


More information regarding this training will be available soon.